Europe Medicare offers mobile dental care services for people with limited to no access to a dentist. We use mobile dental clinics (buses) and also offer on-site services at your location.

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We will be open for all of our dental care from Wednesday the 13th of May!

Our practice has always had very high hygiene and infection prevention rules. Nevertheless, we take an extra step – partly on the advice of RIVM. An overview of the most important measures:

  • Before entering, you will be received outside by an employee who will ask you to disinfect your hands. After your permission, we will measure your temperature by using a scanner.
  • Before your treatment we ask you to rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide 1%. This is a disinfectant that is more often used in oral care.
  • We do not use the waiting area in any vehicle.
  • A distance of 1.5 meters is kept outside the treatment chair.
  • The practitioner and assistant now wear a face shield in addition to the mouth cap and goggles.

We would like to emphasize that our dental care will only be resumed for patients who do not belong to a risk group. For the patients belonging to the following groups of people, only acute oral care will remain available for the time being, for which we will refer you:

  • Individuals (or their family members) who are proven to be corona patients or who exhibit symptoms of the coronavirus. We think of a cold, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath and / or fever.
  • Persons who have been cured of the corona virus for less than 2 weeks.

We request that you preferably come to the practice alone.


Are you an asylum seeker looking for dental care? Do you need help making the necessary arrangements? The dentists at Europe Medicare can visit you at various asylum seekers’ centres. Our buses are fully equipped as mobile dental clinics. As a resident of an asylum seekers’ centre, you can contact us for emergency care.


The dentists at Europe Medicare provide services at asylum seekers’ centres nationwide. Our buses are parked on-site on fixed days and times. Click on the map under the Locations tab for more information. To find out when a visit is scheduled for your asylum seekers’ centre, contact the GZA on +31 88 112 21 32.


To make an appointment, call the GZA phone number below. They can tell you when the dentist will be available at your asylum seekers’ centre and they can also schedule an appointment on your behalf.



If, during your conversation, our health care providers find that an interpreter is necessary, they will arrange one for you. We use a telephone interpreting service, which is available on demand.


As a resident of an asylum seekers’ centre, you can contact us for emergency care. This is dental care for acute pain or urgent chewing difficulties. Treatments include filling cavities and performing root canals (with the exception of molars). Preventative dental care is also available for children. Reimbursement is only possible for dental treatments included on the emergency care list drafted by the Asylum Seekers Health Care Regulations (RZA).


You can contact us if you are experiencing pain or difficulty chewing. Read more about the regulations governing dental care for asylum seekers on the RZA website.


Our services for children are the same as any ‘standard’ dental practice. Your child can come to us for teeth cleaning and cavity filling. Our goal is to help children develop healthy adult teeth.

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The appointment

Make an appointment by calling the GCA on +31 (0)88-112 21 12. The dentist will provide you with on-site emergency care. He or she will try to alleviate your pain or chewing problems during the appointment.

The costs

The dental treatments provided by Europe Medicare are fully reimbursed in the event of emergency care.

Be on time!

If you are late for your appointment, the dentist may not be able to see you. Being regularly late for appointments may affect your continued treatment.


If you have a complaint about your dentist or if you are not satisfied with your treatment, you can report this here. If your complaint was not resolved to your satisfaction, we can refer you to a third party. We are affiliated with the health care complaints portal. Our ID number is 2409.



Where can I find a dentist?

As an asylum seeker, you are entitled to dental care in accordance with the emergency care list drafted by the RMA. This list explains which treatments you are entitled to. General information:

  • We help adult patients with their pain symptoms and chewing difficulties
  • Children are entitled to all treatments with the exception of orthodontics

My treatment is not on the list. What do I do?

We recommend contacting the GZA to make an appointment with one of our dentists. During the appointment, the dentist will decide whether a referral is possible.

Will the dentist understand me?

The dentist speaks fluent English. If you do not speak English, please bring someone with you who does (e.g. an interpreter or a family member). The GZA can arrange an interpreter on your behalf if necessary. Please indicate that you need an interpreter when you call to schedule your appointment.

Who do I report to for my treatment?

If you made a dentist’s appointment via the GZA, report to the bus for your appointment. The GZA and the receptionist at your asylum seekers’ centre can tell you exactly where the bus is located.
You may have to wait when you arrive. You will be called inside when it’s your turn. Out of respect for the patient before you, please do not knock on the door.
Some asylum seekers’ centres have waiting rooms, others do not. We are working on resolving this issue. If there is no waiting room, please wait outside. If the weather is bad, you can leave and come back fifteen minutes later.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

If you are unable to attend your appointment, call the GZA on +31 (0)88-112 21 12 at least 24 hours in advance to schedule a new appointment. Let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend. If you do not cancel in advance, the dentist may not be able to help you in the future.

Can you replace a missing tooth?

If you are missing all of your upper or lower teeth, you may be eligible for a dental prosthesis. Consult the dentist for more information. In most cases, replacing teeth does not fall under emergency care.

Can you clean my teeth?

We offer teeth cleaning services for children aged eighteen and younger. For adults (eighteen and older), teeth cleaning is only considered an emergency if it is necessary for pain relief.

When is it necessary to have a tooth extracted?

For children, it may be necessary to extract teeth to prevent them from growing in crooked. For adults, tooth extraction may be necessary to make room for other teeth (e.g. in the case of very crooked teeth or wisdom teeth).

In other cases, the dentist may discover a tooth that has been so damaged by tooth decay or gingivitis, it is impossible to fill or repair. In this case, tooth extraction will be necessary.

How is a tooth extracted?

You are first given an anaesthetic to provide you with pain relief.

  • The dentist
    The dentist will first loosen the gums around the tooth. He will then try to wiggle the tooth before removing it using forceps.
  • The dental surgeon
    In some cases, the dentist may refer you to a dental surgeon. This may be the case for wisdom teeth, for example. The dental surgeon will also use other tools to access the tooth.

Do you suture the wound?

In most cases, the wound does not have to be sutured after a tooth is extracted; however, this depends on the wound and whether any post-surgical bleeding is expected. If this is the case, the surgeon sutures the wound using dissolvable stiches.

Mobile dentistry beyond borders

Dental services should be borderless and accessible, but a trip to the dentist is not always an option for everyone. Our international dentists and dental assistants are committed to helping people with special care needs, from asylum seekers to patients in health care institutions. Europe Medicare offers high-quality dental services from our mobile dental clinics or on location at organizations and institutions. Our goal is to provide people everywhere with the dental care they need.


Do you want to enhance the capacity of your department or health care unit in the long-term or the short-term? Let Europe Medicare take care of everything. Our health care services include dermatology, cosmetic surgery, and ophthalmology.

Together we will determine the health care criteria, the period, and the desired output. We provide qualified people and resources and respect the framework of your organisation.


Are some of your clients unable to visit a traditional dentist? Are the needs of your clients or your organisation too specific for standard dental care? If so, Europe Medicare can help. We offer mobile dental care for people with limited to no access to a dentist.


Europe Medicare offers dental care on location, from buses or other vehicles that have been tailored to the specific needs of your clients. We can also set up a temporary clinic at your location. Our mobile clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art devices that meet all applicable quality standards.


Our clinics are equipped to treat patients at various locations. Our health care providers can be deployed in the short term or more frequently over a longer period of time. The treatments are tailored to your needs and the needs of your patients.


Contact us to make an obligation-free appointment. We would be happy to visit you to discuss your needs.


Our international team of dentists and assistants have a connection with our target groups. They are passionate about treating people with special care needs, such as asylum seekers, people with disabilities, or elderly people.

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    Katarina Tandarts
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